Modern, Natural Landscape Design In Cheshire.

Influenced by the beautiful Cheshire countryside, this landscape design in Cheshire was created to showcase naturalistic planting within a traditional garden setting.

The landscape featured  Brutalist Steel Water Pools and a Modern Charred Larch Garden Studio which is softened by native trees and naturalistic planting including Field Maple and a cultivated selection wildflowers. 

Drystone walls typical of the area are reimagined with a modern twist referencing art and craft techniques of the Local Cheshire area. 

MJM STUDIO is a landscape design studio  that uses modern, natural materials to create outdoor living spaces that increase biodiversity and enhance the environment.

We create ecologically influenced landscape design that is soft and multi-faceted, forming sustainable, resilient landscapes that are attractive to wildlife.

Our landscape designs improve and restore the environment by using detailed site research and responding with site specific, ecological design solutions.

MJM STUDIO is committed to improving the environment by means of modern, natural landscape design whilst creating gardens and spaces that people can connect to.

MJM STUDIO - Landscape Design Studio in Cheshire
Drystone Wall to Charred Larch Outdoor Studio
MJM STUDIO - Landscape Design Studio in Cheshire
Interior of the garden studio
MJM STUDIO - Landscape Design Studio in Cheshire
Ecology Driven Planting design - MJM STUDIO

Michael has been instrumental in the process of achieving a paragraph 80 approval from the Royal institute of British architects, his landscape design for the site has achieved one of the best biodiversity net gains for a site of its size 39.56%. I would highly recommend using his services for any similar projects.”