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Coastal Garden design North Wales - MJM STUDIO
Rugged Wales Coastline at Bull Bay Influencing the design
Coastal Garden design North Wales - MJM STUDIO
Wild plants grow in Scree at the Old Copper Mines
Coastal Garden design North Wales - MJM STUDIO
Industrial Mining influence to the North Wales garden design

MJM STUDIO is a very professional company. Everyone we worked with were intelligent and professional. The design ideas involved things we wouldn't have been able to think of ourselves and included levelling and transformation of a wasteland at the back. As it was a big project for us there were bound to be minor issues and these were all resolved in a timely and professional manner. The budget was negotiated fairly and the work done was of a high quality. It was worth paying for good workmanship and excellent knowledge in all aspects of our garden design and construction." Christine and Gareth Burke