A pre app planning application allows the applicant, landscape designer, architect to explore options on their site without going through a formal planning applcation.A landscape design at the pre app planning application stage gives the scheme the best chance of success.Pre-application advice is provided by planning officers employed by the council, which outlines how they are likely to determine any subsequent planning application, and any changes that are likely to be needed, if any, to give your scheme the best chance of being granted a planning permission.

Existing Site of one of our proposed developments – MJM STUDIO

 The Pre app process allows the design team to explore ideas that would not be necessarily be taken on board by planners without the risk of full planning application. It also gives chance to explore the site in collaboration with planners to understand its various contraints and oppurtunities.The designer will often offer up landscape design sketch work as an initial concept or idea at the pre app planning application stage.In our experieince it is worth investing in a detailed landscape design proposal early to give the design the best chance of being well recieved by the planning authority.Ofcourse, the landscape design work is never wasted and will go on to form the basis of the full planning application.We have worked on a number of planning applications where a “Landscape Led” apporach has yielded success. See our case study Paragraph 80.Some planning authorities publish their own guidelines as a precursor to the pre app planning application. Here is a link to Cheshire East’s Pre app planning advice page.To schedule an informal chat about you project, please use the link.Book a consultation
Paragraph 80e Landscape - MJM STUDIO

Restored Hay Meadow in Paragraph 80e Landscape.

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