Biodiversity net gain ( BNG ) is mandatory on all developments from 12 February 2024

As landscape designers and ecologists we can give your project the best chance of achieving planning consent.

“MJM Studio has been instrumental in the process of achieving a paragraph 80 approval from the Royal institute of British architects, their landscape design for the site has achieved one of the best biodiversity net gains for a site of its size 39.56%. I would highly recommend using their services for any similar projects ”

- Neil Richards
What the biodiversity metric is

The statutory (official) biodiversity metric is the way of measuring biodiversity value for the purposes of BNG. It measures all types of habitat, including:

watercourses such as rivers and streams

For BNG, biodiversity is measured in standardised biodiversity units.

The statutory biodiversity metric measures the biodiversity value of habitats by calculating the number of biodiversity units. It calculates:

- How many units a habitat contains before development takes place
- How many units are needed to replace the units of habitat lost and to achieve 10% BNG, through the creation or enhancement of habitat

The formula takes different factors into account, including the habitat’s:

- size
- condition
- strategic significance
- type

For created or enhanced habitats, the formula also takes account of:

- difficulty of creation or enhancement
- the time it takes a habitat to reach its target condition
- distance from the habitat loss

We are working closely with developers and architects across the country looking to achieve the mandatory 10% biodiversity net gain on their developments.

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